Thanks to Globally Artists ÖÜ you can get to work 100% legally for any show. Take care of acting, painting, teaching … We handle EVERYTHING!

How do we do it? We are a company that hires those artists who have a concert or a performance and want us to manage their contract.

1- You get a performance, an order or whatever. Let’s imagine you are hired to sing at a concert in a hall.

2- You contact us, and we will advise you. If you want to work through our company, we go to the following point:

3- We hire you. What? Yes, what you have just read, we hire you as our employee, you put us in contact with the room that hired you, and we move on to the next point.

4- We manage all the legal aspects. You will do the concert in the hall, and we will pay you for it. Thus managing the payment of all taxes and taking all necessary legal actions.

5- For all this procedure, we will do it for only 5% of the taxable base of your invoice.

In addition, with Globally Artists OÜ we can do it in any country worldwide: if you are a French artist who works in Italy, we will adapt to it and we will keep all the same conditions defined before for you. Still wondering which option is better? We do not have any type of fee, or hidden expenses, for processing all your orders, you will only allocate 5% towards us.

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