Onlyfans is an international platform that has been growing up for the lasts years. Currently it has more than 100 milion registered users. This webpage, is a social media, but with some particualr things. It allow content creators to get paid by their fans directly.  Although Onlyfans is a Social Media platform, it has no mobile APP, because it is made only for +18 users. It also admits porn to be published there. 

Onlyfans is a Social Media that lets fans get near their idols, because they have to pay to be following him or her, and for this reason they have less followers than in other Social Media and their relationship is more personal. This allows fans a service that no other platforms can bring.

Are the prices limited for Onlyfans?

Talking about prices, Onlyfans allow creators to choose a price for its followers that could be a free subscription or from  4,99$ to 50$ maximum. It also lets the option of doing a special discount for fans, and sell more than one month subscriptions. An example would be in a 5$ subscription, paying 3 moths for 12$.

Example of how to fix the price in the platform.

How can I improve my positioning at Onlyfans? For sure you are able to see uncountable posts about how to improve your positioning on Instagram, Twiter, Facebook or Youtube… But anywhere we can find information about improve at Onlyfans. Why? Because the only way to know how to grow in this platform is trying different strategies on it, subscribing and looking at other creators and finding how to connect with your audience. If you don’t do that, it is quite impossible to grow on this Social Media.

What is a Top creator at Onlyfans?

The first time you enter to Onlyfans you will only see the Onlyfans Creators account whisch is managed by the platform, and shows some of their more relevants users. Some of these conditions let more complicated to be well positioning on the platform as a “Top creator” is really complicated. The Top Creator is something like a ranking that shows, only for the creator, which is his or her position in the platform. It compares you with all the creators from the platform. If you created your account recently you are probably on the 100% of this ranking and the creator with more followers from the platform will be on the 0,01% top.

only fans top creator

Example of the position of a creator from an Onlyfans account managed by Globally Artist

But, how to grow up my Onlyfans profile? The solution is not easy at all and you can spent some months to see results. Famous creators use their other accounts to be more popular and be special in front of the rest. You should create content that your fans will enjoy, Twitter is a good Social Media to share some of your Onlyfans content, because it lets you to show explicit content.  Another interesting option would be to collaborate with other users from the platform, and show their page, and they show your page. 

At Globally Artists we know many other ways to grow at Onlyfans, so you can contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Some price strategies for Onlyfans: 

This subscription is the most basic one, that consists into publisch content for all fans that pay or a subscription. So, if ou post 3 videos and 20 photos per month, your fans will be able to see them paying your subscription.

This is quite similar to a freemium model on other platforms. For example, Spotify lets you as a user use their platform for free, but with many limitations. So at Onlyfans we can see something similar: Some creators shows a part of their content, but they sell their best content. They usually promote this content in the chat or like a normal post. To watch this content, fans must pay an extra define by the content creator.

Improve your content strategies at Onlyfans

We have been for many months managing different Onlyfans profiles with excellent results. Globally Artist will plan your content, analize your audience, improvement proposals and analizing results constantly. Our team has a Community Managers team that will help you to link your Onlyfans with your other Social Media channels. If you want to improve your Onlyfans, you can call us or simply complete this contact form above. We can talk about conditions, prices or be the consultants for your Social Media.