Digital platforms for artists

On this post we will analyze the best platforms so that artists of all kinds can access their audience in the best way. We will show platforms for free usage, some of them focused on monetization, while others focus on the dissemination of the creations of different artists.

Whether you are a musician, an actor, a stylist or a designer, this post will teach you which are the best platforms for an artist to show her art in the best possible way.



Patreon is a platform that we discovered a few months ago and that we have closely followed its evolution. Its proposal is very interesting and includes artists, organizations or any type of content creator. It is based on the fans supporting their favorite artists, by paying a monthly subscription, with which they will access to see what the artist publishes on the platform during the month that the subscription lasts.

So far, it seems an interesting platform, but there are many that work in a very similar way and that nevertheless do not work efficiently or attract the fans of these content creators. However, Patreon caught our attention, as it has more than 6 million registered users and more than 200,000 content creators. So that we can compare it with other platforms: Twitch has about 10 million monthly active users today, so we can see there the relevance of Patreon currently.

As if that were not enough, Patreon has 3 pricing plans and ONLY a percentage of the benefits obtained by the content creator remain, ranging from 5% to 12%, depending on the characteristics that the creator needs to publish their content on the platform. Its cheapest plan, with a 5% commission, is very complete and is ideal for creating your account on this social network.

The fans act as patrons, that is, they collaborate with their favorite creator and pay a monthly subscription according to the prices that the artist defines. It’s a way for patrons to collaborate with their favorite creators. In this way, creators can spend more time, creating higher quality content and having a more direct relationship with their Patreon fans.

Pricing policy for Patreon content creators

Patreon allows the creator to define different pricing policies freely. The creators define different levels depending on the collaboration that the patrons want to do with the creator. The most common is that the higher the price of the monthly subscription, the more exclusivity or services the patron will receive.

precios patreon- globally

Different pricing plans in the Rossdraws profile.

Which kind of creators can you find at Patreon?

As we said, there are more than 200,000 people creating content for their Patreon patrons. On the platform, we find a total of 11 content categories, which are the following:

  1. Podcast creators
  2. Audiovisual creators
  3. Musicians
  4. Visual artists
  5. Writers and journalists
  6. Communities
  7. Game creators
  8. NGO
  9. Tutorials and training
  10. Local businesses
  11. Creators of all kinds

PAtreon has currently lots of important and varied creators, here we let you some examples:


Alissa White-Gluz, singer


The fantasy footballers, podcast

The Alongside Wildlife foundation, association to preserve nature

Try Guys, digital productors


We could say that Patreon is a platform for content creators to share their creations, Pinterest, on the other hand, is a social network with a very clear call to creativity. On this platform, content creators are not looking for a direct financial reward, but rather their intention is to share the art they make and make it reach as many people as possible.

These characteristics are typical of a social network such as Instagram or Twitter, but on Pinterest only photos are published in which the important thing is not the person. Although there is every kind of content, you do not usually see the typical photos of tourists posing in front of a monument, on Pinterest it is easier to find photos of the monument, from different angles and looking for originality.

There are a total of 100 categories that Pinterest filters based on your interests. We find an immense variety of content. If you want to find decoration ideas, for example, you can search for “bathroom with white tones” and you will see thousands of options that other users have made in their own designs. You can also try searching for “paella” and you will see thousands of different recipes too.

This social network has more than 440 million active users, which makes it the eighth most used social network worlwide.

How does Pinterest work?

At Pinterest you can: post something created from yourself or pin a post form another user. Basically, every user has two parts on its profile: in the first one, you can see their own content and in the other part you can see the content that he or she pinned. Let’s see it with an example:

Post created by Felicia’s inspirations

Pinned posts by Felicia’s inspirations

Here we find the profile of Felicia’s inspirations, which has more than 240,000 followers. In the first image we can see her content, which are basically her Tik Toks shared on Pinterest. In the second image we see posts that she saves because she likes them, and she orders them by folders according to the topic of the publication.

So we see that Pinterest is important both what the creator shares and what she saves in her profile.

Who can you find at Pinterest?

Pinterest is a very diverse place: from travel, to sports, to decorating ideas, to creative drawings, or whatever ideas you have, you will have similar ones on Pinterest. If you want to look for ideas of We leave you some important profiles that are a must see on Pinterest:

Joy cho, the profile with more followers on Pinterest

Poppytalk, designers


Behance is a very professional social network, free to use. If you have never entered, you should take a look, because it will surely surprise you. It is a portal where professional designers share their complete projects. We find: advertising agencies, design agencies, architects, cartoonists, photographers and much more. But what makes this network very interesting is that we can see the complete project of the artists. There are currently more than 10 million active users on this social network, so you can find materials of all kinds, interesting projects on any of the topics that we have mentioned above.

Behance gives you the possibility to know complete creative projects. It is a great alternative to meet different creatives. A very useful tool when you have to commission a project and you have no idea who to send it to. This great showcase will help you to know all the projects of creative companies, with all this information available you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What can you find at Behance?

Next, we are going to see how the projects are displayed on Behance, based on a Morphine Motion Graphics project, a graphic design company dedicated to making animated spots and designs.

This project is for an advertisement for McDonald’s Monopoly, an animated project used for an advertisement for the multinational. Here we observe an image on the general plane of where the scene happens.

Photo from Mcdonald’s Monopoly project by Morphine Motion Graphics

You can also access the different parts of the project: main characters, products that appear in the spot, specific scenes … All of this appears well detailed so that you can see all the parts of the project.

behance - globally

Different decoration elements that appear on the project

behance gif-globally

A couple sitting on a bench, they will appear in the final project

Por último, te dejamos aquí una introducción de lo que será el anuncio completo:


Kompoz is a collaborative platform for musicians from all over the world to come together creating songs without the need to know each other. It is a platform where any musician can publish a song and specify what his song is missing: a bass, a trumpet, a voice or any other musical contribution.

The platform allows you to create a profile, in which you can define yourself as a musician, make clear what your musical tastes are and share your projects. Almost 90,000 projects have been carried out through the platform. Kompoz shows who the creator of the song was, as well as protecting the song with Copywright.

Collaborators of “I am nobody (new version)” song created by Kompoz

When creating music, they offer you the possibility of selling copies of the songs you create through Soundblend, a platform dedicated to selling songs.

They defend that music is based on collaboration, and under that discourse they created Kompoz, to let the imagination of artists from all over the world carry.

Promotional vídeo from Kompoz

Smells Like Art

It is a new platform focused on direct sales between artist and buyer. Smells Like Art is a project that was born from the need of artists to sell their works globally. This platform has an international presence, with a presence focused on South America and Spain.

It has the following categories of art:

  1. Painting
  2. Illustrations
  3. Photography
  4. Video art
  5. Literature
  6. Music
  7. Sculpture
  8. Decorative arts

Smells Like Art allows the artist to sell without commissions, the price for publishing an ad like the following is free. The only service for which they charge is the Premium service, for which they allow the artist to sell her works through a payment gateway integrated into the platform itself. If the artist does not have the premium service, the CONTACT option appears in the upper right, right next to the artist’s photo. This way they can maintain contact between artist and buyer by email and define price and conditions.

Post from an artist at Smells Like Art

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