Doing a profitable streaming is posible?

Currently we have lots of platforms for doing a streaming and monetize it. On this post, we are trying to solve your doubts and help you to choose a streaming platform according to your needs. We can choose different plaforms for streaming depending to our needs, that could be: more views, more incomes or a better usability, for example. But we are going to obtain more incomes while we are doing a live video.

We are going to talk about many platforms with different topics for monetizing your streams:



Youtube was one of the first platforms that worked with live videos, and nowadays is the most popular platform to do them, with milion of content creators who do streams daily. But, talking about monetizing the videos, Youtube conditions are getting worst every year, so this is generating more interest from content creators on other platforms.

Youtube payments has one of the most demanding conditions, that consist on:

When a content creator achieves these conditions, will be paid between 4$ and 34$ per every thousand of video views, that can change depending on the video topic.

Youtube logo


Twitch has been the most important competitor for Youtube on the last 3 years. This platform hast two differents programs that could let content creators to earn money, which are:

8 hours streaming on the last 7 days are necessary to join this program. This lets to do subscriptions, to let fans access to premium content. On this case, the creator earns the 50% of incomes generated by the video, and the rest goes to the platform. There’s also the option of paying for Bits (an intern coin of the platfom). Also they can sell products on the Twitch store, so when the streamer announces products form this store, will earn a 5% commision.

It would be the premium version of Twitch affiliates, because it lets creators to customize more their channels and access to more tools. On this program, 25 hours of streaming on the last 12 days, and more than 75 viewers on average are necessary.

Twitch logo

Chaturbate, Bongacams and Livejasmin

These digital platforms are focused on explicit content streamings. The three platforms use very similar options to monetize their streamings, so here we will let you some of the most important ones:

This platform is focused on live porn shows, interacting with the veiwers by chat. Chaturbate works by a paid service called tokens. Viewers can buy tokens and pay them for the content cretor while they are on live. Usually the content creator fixes a price to everything he or she does. If he or she takes out some clothes, will demand 300 tokens, so the viewers should pay them to continue watchng the show.

For every 100 tokens, the content creator receives 1$. On average, streamings on this site have more than 20 viewers.

Chaturbate logo

Bongacams works with a monetization very similar to Chaturbate or LiveJasmin. It also works with the same tokens system, so creators earn money from their fans payments. You can know the different ways to earn money ther by the following link.

Bongacams logo

LiveJasmin is not much different against the other 2 platforms. We can find an interesting tool of private events, which can be monetized. It is also interesting the high quality video image and audio for their live events against the competence.

LiveJasmin logo


A digital platform that fits really well on private events. You can fix a price on it to let your followers access to your streaming. The options are really varied: you can play the videos on Chromecast or other devices. Notikumi lets you fix the price of your streaming, they get a 0,5€ commision for every person that joins the streaming. This is a small commision compared to other platforms. For example, if the price to access your streaming is about 6€, you will finally receive 5,5€ per person. They have different plans and prices. We let you here their information.

An important point is that this platform doesn’t bring traffic to your streaming.

Notikumi logo

Facebook live

Video game streams are growing very quickly, so it’s not strange that social media with more follower worldwide has decided to launch their own platform, a different choice against Youtube or Twitch. On Facebook live, viewers are who pay to th content creators. They work with a stars systems, which consists in followers can buy stars and give them to the creators while they are on live. It works similar as Instagram live, in which likes works very similar to Facebook stars. Every star is 0,01$ for the content creator.

Also, Facebook pays 1€ per 3.000 views of the video. On this platform we don’t find advertisements, so Facebook pays to content creator for using the platform.  

The most important point of Facebook Live is that all the followers of the creators will be notified about the Live session. This helps a lot for influencers or people with thousands of followers, not to start from zero.

Facebook live logo

Which digital platform is more profitable?


This platform doesn’t pay for the views that the content creator receives, but it allows to earn money by two ways:

A streaming in Onlyfans can be only viewed by people who is subscribed to the creator’s profile. The creators define a price for the channel subscription, that could be: free or between 5 and 50$.

A streaming can have a price too. As a content creator, you can define which is the price to join your live video. This price is moldable, and you can define it while you are creating the streaming.

Onlyfans currently has more than 130 milion registered users. Onlyfans takes a 20% commision from the creators’ earnings. 

It is also important that this platform is focused on some sectors of content. Despite Onlyfans doesn’t talk about porn creators, they represent the biggest part for their earnings. Also we can watch sreamings there from famous people, or from different services as training and services, like: cooking shows, phisical training or crafts.

Logo de OnlyFans

*Restream, more views tool

This is not a streaming platform, but is a good tool to broadcast content on different digital platforms simultaneously. You will be able to broadcast in Youtube and Twitch, for example. This will let you achieve more viewers of different platforms in only one live. You can see their billing plans here which include a free plan.

Restream logo and some platforms in which it can be integrated

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