Onlyfans is known as the porn social media. This nickname is quite striking which describes perfectly the function of the platform. There so many actors, famous, pornstars and also normal peoplepost content there.  To show their body is the aim o of this social media because people use it to share content more hot than what they post on other social media. But, how much does people earn with Onlyfans?

Onlyfans it is a premium service, it is a payment platform for those who use it, both for creators and also for visitors. First of all, creators pay a 20% commission on all the incomes they generate, just for sharing content there. On the other hand, visitors of the platform have to pay to see the content of the creators.

After researching on this social network for a while, I have observed that there are two strategies used by content creators, which are the following ones:
1. First of all, the most common accounts, which are those that publish content, and for a monthly fee of between $ 5 and $ 50 allow their fans to access all publications.
2. The least common strategy is to offer subscription to the account for free, but some paid content is published in it. Something common is the publication of a short video of less than a minute for free, offering for a payment, for example, of $ 5, you can access the extended version of the video, which can be 10 minutes long, for example.

What a creator can earn depends directly on the number of fans they have in their account and the price of the subscription they offer. The more users pay for a flat fee or for posts, the more revenue the content creator will receive. But in general terms, people most involved with this platform usually have at least 30 fans. To find out what they earn, you have to multiply it by their number of fans and subtract the commission left by Onlyfans. But, ultimately, if someone invests hours, uploads content that their fans like, and is constant, they can generate big amounts of money. Salaries are as varied as the number of fans between two accounts. There are those who earn more than $ 10,000 per month with the platform, while there are those who do not earn anything, because they do not attract fans.

Another problem posed by the platform is on how to declare the income generated through Onlyfans. To legalize this income, all you have to do is contact Globally Artists, where we will take care of all the management and legalization of your income. Do you still have doubts? Contact us!

Declare your Onlyfans earnings

For 5% commision from your earnings on the platform. Without any other commisions.