Twitch is a platform that allows you to broadcast live. Above all, live broadcasting of video games on the platform is a trend. This, like YouTube, its great competitor, allows its content creators to generate income based on the views that their videos have, in terms of the publicity that those who see them receive. Twitch has grown exponentially recently, and more and more people are using it as their primary channel to connect with their audience.

In the vast majority of cases, Twitch requires content creators to spend many hours a day making live videos through the platform. This requires a very high investment of time, between the generation of ideas, the creation of the content and the video editing. Legalizing the invoicing obtained by Twitch requires a lot of time: declaring personal income tax, VAT, registering with Social Security … And many of the content creators still do not know how to invoice through Twitch. In this post, we will explain how to make it possible:

From Globally Artists, we will hire you as an artist to be able to invoice from our company all the income that they obtained in a totally legal way: an exclusivity agreement will not be necessary, nor are there hidden expenses. You earn money, we declare it legally and we keep 5% for the management we carry out. The rest is for you! In addition, from Globally Artists we operate with artists from anywhere in the world, so, wherever you are from, we are your ideal company.

Declare your Twitch incomes!