NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens and they are generating a huge digital revolution in recent months. These are downloadable materials online that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies. The one most used in these transactions is Ethereum. These materials are unique and collectible goods in the world. Every NFT material cannot be replicated, and that gives it value. The NFT market includes: digital art, virtual world assets, game cards, and unique items. Let’s find out how you can help artists:

The alarm has recently been raised in the mass media by the sale of an art piece created by Beeple, an artist who made a graphic work for the last 13 years, which finally sold it for 60 million euros in the NFT market. This attracts a lot of attention and you may think that this market has very high prices. It is true, there are works that have generated a lot of money, but there are also others that cannot be sold. Like any type of art, it has to be liked as well as having an added value for buyers.

Without a doubt, the main advantage of this market is that it is global and safe. By publishing a painting in this market, you reach any potential buyer in the world, while auctioning a work of art in a museum greatly limits the potential buyers you may have. This and the certificate of ownership of the work, which will become the property of the buyer, allow adding value to all the NFTs.

On the other hand, with the certificate of ownership of the works, songs or small podcasts, sold as NFT, have also been seen, giving their ownership to the buyer. It is also a way of having the reproduction rights of a song. If you are an artist, you could generate small songs and publish them as NFT: brands may be interested in having rights to a song to be able to create advertisements with them, without having to pay an artist later for the use of their work.

The most used markets to sell NFT are: Open Sea, Mintable, Rarible or Nifty Gateway, among many others. Each one is focused on a type of market, be it: crypto art, video games, music … If you are thinking about publishing your works in NFT markets you can contact us! We advise you so that your works are sold at the best price and achieve a niche in the market.

Do you want to post your artworks in an NFT market?

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