Are you an artist and you consider that your social media do not show your full potential?

Social networks are more important than we think, a good management of them can help us to achieve many performances. Therefore, from Globally Artist OÜ, we show you some tips to improve your social media management, creating a good brand image:

  • First of all, you should try to publish periodically: the ideal for social networks like Instagram or Facebook is to publish content every 2 or 3 days, while in other networks, such as Twitter, the ideal is to do it daily. Don’t panic, that’s ideal, but we understand that you can’t always dedicate so much time to create content… Therefore, if you are starting to show yourself on the Internet, you should do at least one weekly publication.
  • Follow a similar line of content: try to always give your publications the same background color, the usage of a logo… Something that allows your followers to easily recognize you, showing them a brand image.
  • Invest in photos or videos: you may not consider it very important, but if you are an artist in the end, what sells yourself is your work. Therefore, your followers want to see some of your work. This does not mean that you show your entire show on your networks, we mean that it is important to show good fragments of your work, or simply photos in which you are shown with the public enjoying your show. Surely by investing money in being recorded or photographed, will make it easier for them to hire you on more occasions, and in this way you will make your investment profitable.
  • Try to reflect the tone that you use with your clients in your performances: if you are a very happy, very professional, or very funny person, show it in all your networks! In that way, your followers will know that you are the one who manages the networks, and they will feel familiar with your expressions.
  • It is not advisable to buy accounts with followers: in many cases, accounts with 10,000 followers are seen with only 20 likes in each publication. This reflects that your followers are not interested in your content, and it can generate distrust of what your account shows. It is preferable to have 100 followers and the same 20 likes per each publication: if you start uploading good content, you will see how your followers grow as well as the interactions with your publications.
But, why is so important to manage the social media?

Nowadays people want to see how is your show before contracting it, and the social media are an efficient way to do it. Also it is not necessary to remember you that in Covid-19 times it is very difficult for artists to do their show on live. So social media become your only promotion point.

These are some basic tips for the social media management. If after reading them you don’t want to manage them, you can CONTACT US

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