Top 10 highest grossing films in Spain in 2021

With the year 2021 over, we have decided to bring you the Top 10 of the highest grossing films of 2021 in Spain. These have exceeded 5.5 million euros during 2021.

How could it be otherwise, we will also see which films have been left out of the Top 10, some of them will surprise you a lot.

Finally, we will see some details of the highest grossing movie of 2021, Spiderman: No Way Home.


The Top 10

As you can see below, superhero movies have been the most viewed ones, with 4 movies within this year’s TOP 10.
We could place the action genre just below.

  1. Spiderman: No Way Home
  2. Fast & Furious 9
  3. Venom 2: Habrá matanza
  4. A todo tren. Destino Asturias
  5. Dune
  6. Sin tiempo para morir
  7. Eternals
  8. Godzilla vs Kong
  9. Expediente Warren, obligado por el demonio
  10. Viuda Negra
películas más taquilleras españa 2021

Photo from the TOP 3 most viewed films in Spain in 2021

Marvel hereos have been the most viewed in the cinemas

When 4 of the 10 highest grossing films of this year are superheroes and belong to Marvel, it only confirms the good work and the expectations they generate with each of their new films.

What movies have been left out of the Top 10?

This year there have been several surprises at the Spanish box office and some of the most anticipated films of the year have not reached the sales targets they expected.

Way Down

Film that combines famous Hollywood actors with first-rate Spanish actors. This film was set to be a resounding success, combining the bank robbery with the World Cup final. Both themes, along with a combination of actors and top-notch budget, have not made Way Down surpass the 13th position in the ranking.

Poster for Way Down, the thirteenth highest grossing film in 2021 in Spain


Whenever Disney bets on giving life to a classic cartoon character, it attracts children, young people and even adults. This was the case of Rey León, the seventh highest grossing film in the history of international cinema.

In this case, betting on Emma Stone as the protagonist, Diseny was clear about her objectives. The film shows the life of Cruella Devil from another point of view and before having her obsession with Dalmatians.

Poster of Cruella, the sixteenth highest grossing film in 2021 in Spain

Space Jam: New Legends

A classic of Warner Bros., with its first version presented with Michael Jordan along with the Looney Tunes in 1996, it marked an entire generation. Now, the Warner, decided to bet on Lebron James for the second installment of the film, 25 years later.

Space Jam started with a box office of one million euros on opening weekend. Called to success, the following weeks saw sales plummet.

Cartel de Cruella, la decimosexta película más taquillera en 2021 en España

The 2021 blockbuster "Spiderman: No Way Home"

When its first trailers came out, you could already foresee that this was going to be a movie remembered for a long time. The appearance of characters seen in previous Spiderman films would bring great repercussion. This installment of Spiderman has achieved historical records, filling theaters in the middle of a pandemic, it is less than a month after its premiere, the eighth highest grossing film in history internationally. Will it make it into the top 5 before it is pulled from theaters?

We leave you here the trailer of the film, although we know that there are spoilers … You are warned!

Trailer from the official film, Spiderman: No way home

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