Can you imagine being able to work in any country in the world without having to worry about how to legalize all your billing?

For most artists, working around the world has always been a dream: taking a world tour in big stadiums, or simply getting small performances in different countries is something that anyone would like to be able to experience once in life. But, problems always appear when it comes to keeping all the papers in order. If getting performances in different countries costs you so much effort, trying to declare all the earnings is almost impossible.

That’s why today we will bring good news! If you are European and you work with us, at Globally Artist we will take care of hiring you as an artist and managing all your contracts for each performance you have. What is the best about working with us? That we only keep 5% of your billing. Also, there are no maintenance fees, no entry fee or any other hidden cost. Work with us for only 5% of what you bill. Our legal team will make sure you have all the necessary social security registrations and all the necessary documents to legalize your actions.

It has never been so easy to be an artist and perform in any country in the world in a fully declared and legal way. Work around the world without limits. Do you still have doubts? Contact us!

Start working worldwide!